Gender Inequality

Due to some societies views on women and gender equality, many women face disadvantages because of their gender. Millions of girls are deprived of opportunities that boys are able to access such as education, healthcare, work and food. Two-thirds of children denied education are girls. This is because some families must choose between sending their sons or their daughters to school, and will often choose their sons. This has meant millions of girls are illiterate. In fact, of the world’s 876 million illiterate people, 75% are women.

When women enter their careers, they may find it hard to push past a certain point. This is called the ‘glass ceiling’. This often, but not limited to, happens in male dominated industries like construction and automative services. Women may also get paid less while doing the same job as a male co-worker. As well as lesser pay, they may also find it harder to be employed. In New Zealand, women have higher unemployment than men.

Many people still believe that men are superior to women, and not equal. This has meant that millions of girls are brought up with the mindset that they are lesser than men, while in fact, men and women should be equal.